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Luzerne County Lawn Care – How to Handle Droughts

Luzerne County Lawn Care During Drought SeasonLuzerne County lawn care

If you are a homeowner who takes great pride in the health and look of your lawn, nothing scares you more than the word “drought.” During droughts, Luzerne County lawn care can be limited, and your city or municipality may place restrictions, or entire bans, on the usage of sprinkler systems. How do you handle this tricky situation? Take some advice from a professional lawn management company.

When Water Use Isn’t Restricted

  • Use an automatic irrigation system – Conventional sprinklers are cheaper, but they’re also horribly inefficient. With careful management, an automatic irrigation systems not only maximizes the efficiency of your water usage, but it keeps your lawn green and healthy too.
  • Irrigate deeply and infrequently – In nature, grass grows best when it has an infrequent supply of moderate rainfall. For best results, it’s helpful to mimic this pattern when watering your own lawn. “Deeply” means 4-6 inches – use a probe or shovel to test how far your water has penetrated. “Frequently” means you should not be able to see your footprints in your lawn after walking through. If you can see your footprints, then your grass needs more water.
  • Use drought tolerant grasses – Some grasses handle drought conditions more readily than others. Fescues, Buffalo grass, and improved varieties of bluegrass work well. If you’re thinking of reseeding your lawn, consider using one of these to help you through the drought season.

If Water Use is Restricted

Sometimes, your municipality restricts the use of water, which really puts you in a difficult situation if you are looking to keep your lawn healthy. If that happens to you, here are some tips to follow to help your lawn look the best it can:

  • Use fertilizer regularly – Studies show that lawns which are regularly fertilized recover from drought conditions faster than those that are not. Your lawn may not look a super healthy green, but its damage will be minimized.
  • Mow at a higher than normal height – Mowing at higher heights helps shade the roots and slows soil evaporation. If you’re lucky enough to have dew form overnight, it will get trapped more easily by your lawn.
  • Kill weeds quickly – As your lawn browns, it’s easier for weeds to thrive in patches. Instead of giving in and letting the weeds have their way, apply weed killer. Avoid hitting any grass to the best of your ability, even if you are using a lawn-friendly weed killer.

It’s Not Easy, But You Can Make It

After reading these tips, you’ll probably notice that it’s just not a simple task to make it through a drought. But, they will help, and hopefully your lawn makes it through drought conditions if they happen. And remember, if you need any help, you can always contact Green Machine for assistance.

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