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Berks County Lawn Care – Keep Your Lawn Healthy

How to Water Like a Berks County Lawn Care Pro

Providing regular maintenance on your lawn is the best way to keep it looking green and healthy during good and bad growingBerks County lawn care conditions. If you’re taking charge of your Berks County lawn care this year, keep the following tips in mind for the best results:

  1. Decide how you will handle drought conditions – Watering your grass intensely when it browns just enough to make it green again actually depletes its food reserves and harms its health over the long run. It’s best to either consistently water your lawn or just let it go for the year. Decide prior to a drought happening how you will handle such conditions.
  2. Look for signs to water – Just because it’s getting warmer out doesn’t mean it’s time to water. If you walk across your lawn and notice footprints because the grass blades don’t bend back up, that’s a sign you should be watering. You could also have a professional sample the root zone soil for best results on Berks County lawn care.
  3. Water in moderation – As most people say, “everything in moderation.” That theory applies to watering your lawn as well. You don’t want to water it so much that it gets spongy, and you also want to avoid watering it so little that it begins to wilt. Both extremes are unhealthy for your grass. When any spot of your lawn shows your footprints readily, then it’s time to water your lawn – give it about 1 – 1.5 inches of water per week.
  4. How much is enough – If you don’t water your lawn like a professional regularly, then you may not know exactly when is a good time to quit. Every soil is different, so this requires some careful attention on your part. What you’re looking for is enough water to keep your soil moist to a depth of 4-6 inches. Use a shovel or probe following watering to make sure the water has penetrated deeply enough. You may have to let the water puddle, turn it off, and then turn it on again.
  5. Water in the morning – Why? If you water in the middle of the day when the sun shines most intensely, the water evaporates too quickly. In the evenings, water can cling to grass blades overnight, potentially causing lawn diseases. Ideally for Berks County care, water you lawn between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m.
  6. Use a rain sensor – If you use an automatic sprinkler system, install a rain sensor. That way, your sprinklers won’t turn on during an intense rainfall. Not only does this save you from harming the health of your lawn, but it saves you some cash too.

Now You Can Water Like a Berks County Lawn Care Pro

Follow these tips, and you will put your lawn in the right position for looking its healthiest. Like anything else, the more attention you pay to it, the better your results will be.

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