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Easy Compost in 30 Days

easy compostHave you ever considering making your own easy compost to give your garden the nutrients it so desperately needs? If you’re interested in finding organic methods to care for your lawn and garden, making your own compost can be easier than you think. Your garden’s health depends on the quality of the soil, and using your own compost mix is the most effective way to ensure you know exactly what you’re putting on your soil.

Instead of throwing away valuable nutrients, you can create the perfect compost to fertilize your garden. Although there are several ways to make your own compost, the fastest way is to create what is called a “hot” or active compost pile. Be sure to give your compost pile a healthy supply of air and water to keep the decay process on track. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be composting in no time.

Step One: Make Your Pieces as Small as Possible To speed up the process, shred your materials as finely as possible. This will allow them to decay quickly. Your lawn mower can be a useful tool to shred old leaves and other waste materials.

Step Two: Use both Greens and Browns The key to a successful compost pile is mixing dried browns which contain carbon with wet greens that contain nitrogen. Everything from kitchen scraps to lawn clippings can be added as wet greens, and it is imperative that you keep the mix the browns and the greens evenly.

Step Three: Create the Right Size The size of your composite pile is extremely important. If it is too large, it will delay the decomposition. The ideal size for your pile should be approximately 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. After the pile has been resting for two or three days, check the temperature at it’s center. If it’s hot, then you know that the magic is happening and the composite is breaking down.

Step Four: Keep Things Moist Having the right amount of water in your compost pile is extremely important. Too much water won’t allow the microbes to do their job, and not enough water doesn’t create the right environment for decomposition. Your pile should remain damp at all times, but not soaking wet.

Step Five: Mix It Up It’s also very important to shift around the contents of your compost pile regularly. Consider moving your pile slightly, and do your best to bring the contents that are on the inside to the outside.

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