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The Secret to Hands Off Gardening

hands off gardeningThe weather is finally warm and welcoming, beckoning you to step outside and enjoy your natural surroundings. Many people take that first look at their outdoor space and are suddenly overwhelmed by how distressed their empty garden beds appear. And, of course, there’s always that one perfect neighbor who’s new blossoms are already sprouting among a perfectly green and lush lawn.
Depressing, for sure. You barely have the time to keep up with work, family, and household chores. How can you possibly find the time to spend hours keeping up with a high maintenance garden?

Do not despair! We have a few very useful tips that will help you sow the beautiful garden you want, but minimize the amount of time you spend working on it’s upkeep.


Tip 1 – No More Tilling
The amount of time wasted tilling your garden can be mind boggling. The “no-tilling” method is achieved by taking measures that will stop you from continuously disturbing the soil. Which means very little weeding or shovel work.

Sounds good, right?

Elements such as manure, lime, peat, and organic fertilizer are just added to the top layer, and over time saturate the soil below with regular watering.
One way to reduce cost while maintaining an organic methodology to gardening is to use mulch that is readily available. Lawn clippings are an excellent source for free garden mulch, particularly if they are fresh. Fresh lawn clippings contain an good amount of nitrogen, which is incredibly useful for any of your plants that do not produce fruit.

Tip 2 – Mulch is Your Friend

Tired of spending valuable time watering your beds? The answer is to use mulch, and use it vigorously. Spreading a healthy amount of mulch around and over your garden plants will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend watering and weeding your beds.

As for getting that lush green lawn, that’s where Green Machine Lawn Care comes in. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation, and you’re sure to have the lawn that makes your neighbors green with envy.

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