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Core Aeration with Seed

Help your grass regrow healthy roots.

Pennsylvania lawn aeration is a process of pulling cores of soil and grass and depositing them on the surface of your lawn. Green Machine uses a lawn aerator that pushes hollow cylinders into the ground, while at the same time forcing out soil cores. Approximately 8-10 cores are removed from every square foot of your lawn. Aeration:

  • Allows more oxygen to easily reach the roots of your grass
  • Makes it easier for your grass to absorb water and other nutrients more efficiently
  • Provides an ideal seed bed for planting new seeds, while also making it easier for it to grow
  • Helps manage thatch

The old, shallow roots and compacted hard soil is removed. To compensate for the changes in the soil, your grass develops newer, deeper roots, which also helps new grass plants to grow as well.

If You Do Anything to Your Lawn, Make Sure You Have Aeration Performed

Aeration is easy and fast, and if you do it twice a year to your lawn, your lawn becomes healthier and more beautiful than a lawn not receiving aeration. However, it’s important to have your lawn aerated at the right time of year. The best time to aerate your lawn:

  • Cool season – During late fall, but prior to dormancy beginning

An aerator will do the job for you, but you have to know all the right techniques when performing aeration. If you don’t do it the right way, you run the risk of damaging your Pennsylvania lawn, or at least reducing the effectiveness of the work you perform.

Green Machine Help Your Lawn Look Its Best

At Green Machine, our skilled professionals help you get your lawn looking healthy and green, regardless of how it looks now. We will conduct a thorough 15-point Lawn Analysis and will let you know the work it will take to get or keep your lawn looking green. If at any point you aren’t satisfied with our services, let our President, Carl Swinski, know, and he will do what it takes to make things right.

To get started restoring your lawn’s healthy green look, contact Green Machine online or call 1-800-559-3090 for a FREE estimate.

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