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Fertilization with Weed Control

Eliminate Weeds with Fertilization and Weed Control

Get your Pennsylvania lawn looking green and healthy, and get rid of those obnoxious weeds.

Every lawn has its own unique fertilization needs. You can experience a number of obnoxious situations where weeds become too much of problem. Some of the pesky weeds you may encounter include:

  • Bermuda grass – This annual weed grows and spreads rapidly throughout the summer months. Prevention is the key with this type of grass, as handpicking is about the only way to stop it once it takes root in your lawn. Pre-emergent herbicides are the best treatment approach.
  • Dandelions – Although beautiful when blooming, dandelions propagate themselves rapidly and when they get old, they turn white and make your lawn look ugly. This broadleaf weed is best treated with a weed killer during its growing cycle.
  • Clover – This weed used to be considered a valuable asset by homeowners. It actually is beneficial, adding nitrogen to the soil so your grass can grow healthy. However, herbicide manufacturers have convinced homeowners this is now an undesirable weed. A broadleaf weed killer is used to kill dandelions, and that takes care of clover too.
  • Crabgrass – This weed grows during the warm season and primarily in sunny areas. While you can control its growth in a variety of ways, the most effective treatment method is to keep your own grass growing in a healthy way so crab grass can’t take root.

Green Machine Rids Your Lawn of Weeds

At Green Machine, our experienced technicians help you achieve the look you want for your Pennsylvania lawn. We can handle any problem you throw in our direction. Perhaps you just need your lawn mowed, or perhaps many of the above weeds are taking over. In either case, we can help you give your lawn a green, healthy look.

We conduct a rigorous 15-Point Lawn Analysis to help us understand the exact steps we need to take to help your lawn look healthy once again and communicate all of this information to you in an honest conversation.

Once you use our services, your lawn will get greener in the spring and stay green longer into the fall. Contact Green Machine for a FREE estimate.

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