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Lawn Disease Control

Keep Your Lawn Looking Green and Healthy with Lawn Disease Control

Dead patches and rings of fungi can be controlled with professional care.

If you notice dead spots or dead patches, you have glaring signs your lawn needs our help. Some types of Pennsylvania lawn diseases you may notice include:

  • Leaf spots – Best indicated by the presence of lesions on your grass blades
  • Snow mold – Develops in wet, cool weather and especially after prolonged periods of rain
  • Spring dead spot – Rots grass shoots and roots and appears as grass emerges from dormancy
  • Fairy ring – Affects all types of grass and can occur anytime from early spring to early winter
  • Brown patches – Occurs during the hottest times of year during the summer, and usually happens in patches ranging in size from 5 inches to 10 feet in diameter
  • Slime mold – Usually white-gray or purples-brown in color, slime mold typically appears between late spring and early fall

As a responsible homeowner, you love having your lawn in top condition. But, do you have the time to fight the diseases your lawn experiences on your own?

You have to apply the correct treatment at the right time, which typically takes years of experience to learn.

Green Machine Handles Any Lawn Disease

The experienced lawn care professionals at Green Machine know which treatments to apply to your lawn and when. And best of all, you can spend your time doing things you enjoy more – playing with your children, relaxing with your spouse, or enjoying a new hobby.

Meanwhile, we take care of the work for you. In addition to combating lawn diseases, we can handle any problem your lawn encounters. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with it other than the fact you haven’t had as much time to care for it as you wanted. In any case, we can help it become green, healthy, and attractive once again.

As a local business, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. Our President, Carl Swinski, personally guarantees a great service experience every time. If anything ever goes wrong, just let us know and we’ll do what’s necessary to make things right.

Contact Green Machine online to get your FREE estimate, or call us at 1-800-559-3090.

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