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Tree and Shrub Care

Keep Your Trees & Shrubs Looking Great

Our tree and shrub care services prune, fertilize, and protect your trees and shrubs from insects and disease.

You want to have the best yard in the neighborhood – doesn’t everyone? But, do you have the time to analyze, monitor, and provide the actual care for your yard?

If you are a hobby gardener, you might. For everyone else, the demands of all other aspects of life make it practically impossible to care for your yard and give it that exquisite look you see in the magazines.

At Green Machine, we take the health of your Pennsylvania lawn very seriously. Our licensed lawn care professionals conduct a rigorous 15-Point Lawn Analysis to ensure they learn everything they need to help your lawn look its best. This analysis helps us create a precise road map for restoring the natural beauty of your lawn.

A Unique 5-Point Treatment Approach

Although we provide a 5-point plan for treating your trees and shrubs, the real key lies in knowing when to do things, not just what things to do. Here are the 5 steps we will take to protect and promote the health of your trees and shrubs:

    This feeding injected at the root zone, includes micro-nutrients and promotes growth, flowering potential, enhanced color and improves disease and tree’s tolerance.
    Foliar application that controls most chewing and sucking insects, and harmful insects such as the Japanese Beetles that are feeding at this time.
    Control of Spider Mites, Japanese Beetles and other foliage insects that feed in the summer months
    Inspection and application of insect control to reduce past damage and current insects feeding on the foliage this time of year.
    This application is very important! It promotes root growth and stores nutrients for you trees and shrubs as dormancy approaches.

Green Machine Takes Care of You and Your Lawn

When it comes to professional Pennsylvania lawn care, no one beats Green Machine and our 15-Point Lawn Analysis. By providing custom solutions, we help each lawn to eventually look its best. But, it takes careful analysis and a large amount of work over the long-term to help your lawn achieve the look you want it to have.

As a result, it makes sense to only work with a company you trust to do a good job. At Green Machine, our President, Carl Swinski, extends his personal guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. If at any time something doesn’t quite go right, contact us and we will do everything we can to make things right.

Get your FREE estimate now by contacting us online, or by calling 1-800-559-3090.

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