Native Plants

With a little bit of research, discovering which plants are native to where you live can be relatively easy. One of the major benefits of working native plants into your landscaping is that they are very likely to thrive if cared for properly. There’s a lot of information available to explain which plants are native to your particular planting zone and they are typically very easy to care for.

Light It Up

Exterior lighting has always been popular for outdoor landscaping, but there are now a lot more creative ways to brighten your garden at night than tiki torches. Electric candles are a fantastic way to illuminate while avoiding the need for constant relighting. Christmas lights are now being used year round, and the clear or white lights look particularly lovely on the hedging or tastefully hung around your deck.

Manicured Gardens

Like the days of old, gardens are quickly becoming planned more strategically than ever before. Although there’s still a strong liking for a free form wild flower garden, many enthusiasts are now creating living works of art that they are able to enjoy year round. With just a little creativity, your overgrown yard can transform into a breath taking haven for your friends and family with one of our favorite landscaping trends.

Planned Outdoor Seating

In combination with manicured gardens, outdoor seating has also been going through an evolution. Picnic tables and plastic garden chairs are still quite popular, but one of the hottest new trends are the planned seating areas hidden in your garden’s nooks and crannies. Including everything from full dining scapes to surprise seating that will beckon you to curl up with a good book, the new idea for outdoor seating is a powerful draw to all those looking to enjoy some fresh air and natural beauty.

Planting Fruits and Vegetables

Another extremely popular past time which was enjoyed by many among our older generation is harvesting fruits and vegetables. The idea of growing, picking, and eating something deliciously fresh is becoming more attractive than ever since the growing popularity of organic foods.

Do you know any new trends for landscaping and gardening in 2014? Please feel free to share your ideas below!