Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care
27 Mar 2018

Repairing Snow Mold, Vole, and Mole Damage

The snow from our latest Nor'Easter is assuredly giving way under the spring sun. What you may be noticing about your lawn, as it is revealed is that it is looking less than "spring-like." Hopefully, you have a trusted lawn care specialist in your area to call in for some grooming. Extended lengths of snow cover can cause a whole host of lawn problems. As we are heading further into the spring season, Green Machine, who has been serving the greater Northeastern Pennsylvania area for over 38 years, has been seeing more and more winter damage. The extreme lows and highs are affecting our yards more than we initially know. For those lawns that were not necessarily in ideal condition going into the winter season, snow may have made it appear to have "worked out" the flaws. However, it is only a mask. Thethe condition has not improved, in fact,...

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23 Mar 2018

Spring Fertilization and Crabgrass Control

What is crabgrass? Crabgrass is an annual summer plant, germinating from seed every spring and will grow more prominent as the weather gets warmer. Crabgrass produces seed in late summer and is neutralized by a hard frost in fall. The crabgrass seed that germinates in your lawn this spring originated late last summer. If you had crabgrass in your yard last year, it is essential that you take steps to control it this year. Controlling crabgrass at the seed stage. The most efficient way to control crabgrass is to stop the crabgrass seed from becoming settled in your lawn by applying a preemergent herbicide, usually referred to as crabgrass preventer. A pre-emergent herbicide forms a herbicide barrier at the surface of the soil. As a crabgrass seed germinates, the emerging root contacts the herbicide barrier. The preemergent herbicide breaks up healthy root growth and the crabgrass seedling soon wither without...

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20 Mar 2018

Treating Needlecast Diseases In Evergreens

Needle cast diseases occur when different fungi infect the new needles on pines, spruce, Douglas fir, and true fir. The needles become infected. The symptoms of needlecast disease are not always noticeable until the following winter or spring season. It is common to see yellowing or browning of the needles, with characteristic dark fungal fruiting structures. The infected interior needles are shed early leaving the tree with a sparse, thin appearance. The remaining needles are the current season's new growth. According to studies from Penn State University, "we have a lot to learn about when these fungi attack a tree", How long the fungus must be in the tree before needles are shed. When is the best time to apply a fungicide? Which chemicals provide the best protection. The good news is that there is progress being made in these areas. With the help of tree care specialists, like professionals...

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16 Mar 2018

Sharpening and Maintaining Your Mower Blades

Don't let the colder weather fool you, spring is less than a week away, time to start dusting off all your lawn tools that have been hibernating for the winter. Your lawn mower will most certainly be in need of some seasonal maintenance. Spring is synonymous with cutting your grass. For those that may have neglected to sharpen the lawn mower blade while prepping the mower to be put to rest for the fall and winter months, then most certainly it is something you will need to do when you are getting it ready for the first mow. It is vital that every part of a push lawn mower be adequately maintained. Other than cleaning the carburetor and air filter when it is needed, also ridding old gas from the lawnmower’s tank, cleaning the undercarriage, and occasionally inspecting the fuel line, it is essential to keep blades sharpened. Manufacturers that...

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13 Mar 2018

Flea And Tick Care

As the warmer weather is approaching here in Northeastern Pa, Green Machine Lawn Care is gearing up toward treating lawns and yards for those dreaded and disease-ridden pests that are prevalent in our area. Fleas and ticks present a threat to pets not only in the warmer spring and summer months but year round. They are especially more active beginning as soon as March in Northeastern and Eastern PA. Pet owners know the absolute havoc that an infestation on your pets and in your home can cause. The sheer discomfort is enough to drive your beloved pets insane. Most pet owners will take action to prevent infestation by treating their animals with a monthly tick and flea medicine. Unfortuantely if the problem continues you will have to consider that there are other factors that exist in your home as well as your lawn. Green Machine Lawn Care's program consists of three applications...

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08 Mar 2018

6 Spring Clean Up Tips For Your Lawn

Luzerne, Lackawanna, Monroe, Bucks, Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania have been hit pretty hard this past week with winter storms. The end of winter Nor'Easters can cause quite a bit of damage to your lawn, shrubs, and trees. Luckily spring is right around the corner, which will allow you plenty of opportunities to get your lawn in tip-top shape with a well thought out spring clean up. Preparing your yard for growing season is vital to ensure an eye-catching lawn and garden this summer. Green Machine Lawn Care, of Kingston, PA, put together their top 6 tips for spring clean up this year. 1) Prepare Flower Beds Before planting any new flowers, first, rake out leaves that have fallen in the bed as well as dead foliage to stop the smothering of plants and avoid spreading disease. If there is any remaining mulch from last year, it must be removed to...

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05 Mar 2018

Grub Damage; How To Repair Your Lawn

As most people in the Eastern and North Eastern Counties of Luzerne, Lackawanna, Monroe, Bucks, and Montgomery know, grubs are a frequent and often severe problem in Pennsylvania lawns. In Pennsylvania, these grubs are most often the larva of Japanese beetles or Northern masked chafer grubs. Affected gardens become spongy in patches as their roots are gnawed away, and layers of sod can be easily peeled away. The most visible signs of grub damage are patches of dead or dying grass that crop up in early summer or fall. The most extensive grub damage in Pennsylvania lawns takes place between May and June, which is also the best time to treat a lawn for grubs. Residents and business owners have seen a lot of grub damage this past fall in the Eastern and Northeastern Pennsylvania areas. Green Machine, who have over 37 years of experience treating lawns in Lackawanna, Monroe, Bucks,...

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13 Aug 2014

Pest Prevention for Summer Picnics

Fall may be right around the corner, but there's still plenty of time to enjoy Summer barbecues, outdoor parties, and grilling. If you've had enough of those irritating little pests bothering you while you're trying to eat and relax with your family and friends, here's some helpful tips to get them to bug off. Whether you've been dealing with flies, ants, or stinging insects, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) says you basically have two options ... you can either manage your uninvited guests or do your best to prevent them from showing up in the first place. And according to the Vice President of Public Affairs of the NPMA, Missy Henriksen, there are other more serious drawbacks to summer pests other than general annoyance. Henriksen states, "Not only do the annoy and irritate your guests, but they can also transmit disease and cause painful bites and stings." So, what...

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03 Jul 2014

The 5 Latest Landscaping Trends in 2014

Native Plants With a little bit of research, discovering which plants are native to where you live can be relatively easy. One of the major benefits of working native plants into your landscaping is that they are very likely to thrive if cared for properly. There's a lot of information available to explain which plants are native to your particular planting zone and they are typically very easy to care for. Light It Up Exterior lighting has always been popular for outdoor landscaping, but there are now a lot more creative ways to brighten your garden at night than tiki torches. Electric candles are a fantastic way to illuminate while avoiding the need for constant relighting. Christmas lights are now being used year round, and the clear or white lights look particularly lovely on the hedging or tastefully hung around your deck. Manicured Gardens Like the days of old, gardens...

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17 Jun 2014

Gardening for City Lovers

City living certainly has its advantages: short commute, restaurants at your doorstep, and shopping on every corner. But if you find yourself amidst the concrete longing for a space that will give you a taste of greenery and still allow you to enjoy living downtown, we've got the perfect solution for you. Urban gardening has become one of the hottest trends in the last decade, and it's a lot easier than you may think. Roof top gardens have become extremely popular, particularly in larger cities, and there's nothing stopping you from creating a beautiful outdoor garden of your very own. Many city dwellers wish they could plant a vegetable garden but are worried it won't thrive in city conditions. You may be surprised to find out that most types of vegetables grow extremely well in containers if they are planted and cared for properly. We suggest selecting shallow rooted plants...

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