Flea and Tick Care

As the warmer weather is approaching here in Northeastern PA, Green Machine Lawn Care is gearing up toward treating lawns and yards for those dreaded and disease-ridden pests that are prevalent in our area. Fleas and ticks present a threat to pets not only in the warmer spring and summer months but year round. They are especially more active beginning as soon as March in Northeastern and Eastern PA. Pet owners know the absolute havoc that an infestation on your pets and in your home can cause. The sheer discomfort is enough to drive your beloved pets insane. Most pet owners will take action to prevent infestation by treating their animals with a monthly tick and flea medicine. Unfortuantely if the problem continues you will have to consider that there are other factors that exist in your home as well as your lawn. Green Machine Lawn Care’s program consists of three applications to control fleas and...

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