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Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care
08 Mar 2018

6 Spring Clean Up Tips For Your Lawn

Luzerne, Lackawanna, Monroe, Bucks, Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania have been hit pretty hard this past week with winter storms. The end of winter Nor'Easters can cause quite a bit of damage to your lawn, shrubs, and trees. Luckily spring is right around the corner, which will allow you plenty of opportunities to get your lawn in tip-top shape with a well thought out spring clean up. Preparing your yard for growing season is vital to ensure an eye-catching lawn and garden this summer. Green Machine Lawn Care, of Kingston, PA, put together their top 6 tips for spring clean up this year. 1) Prepare Flower Beds Before planting any new flowers, first, rake out leaves that have fallen in the bed as well as dead foliage to stop the smothering of plants and avoid spreading disease. If there is any remaining mulch from last year, it must be removed to...

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05 Mar 2018

Grub Damage; How To Repair Your Lawn

As most people in the Eastern and North Eastern Counties of Luzerne, Lackawanna, Monroe, Bucks, and Montgomery know, grubs are a frequent and often severe problem in Pennsylvania lawns. In Pennsylvania, these grubs are most often the larva of Japanese beetles or Northern masked chafer grubs. Affected gardens become spongy in patches as their roots are gnawed away, and layers of sod can be easily peeled away. The most visible signs of grub damage are patches of dead or dying grass that crop up in early summer or fall. The most extensive grub damage in Pennsylvania lawns takes place between May and June, which is also the best time to treat a lawn for grubs. Residents and business owners have seen a lot of grub damage this past fall in the Eastern and Northeastern Pennsylvania areas. Green Machine, who have over 37 years of experience treating lawns in Lackawanna, Monroe, Bucks,...

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13 May 2014

The Secret to Hands Off Gardening

The weather is finally warm and welcoming, beckoning you to step outside and enjoy your natural surroundings. Many people take that first look at their outdoor space and are suddenly overwhelmed by how distressed their empty garden beds appear. And, of course, there's always that one perfect neighbor who's new blossoms are already sprouting among a perfectly green and lush lawn. Depressing, for sure. You barely have the time to keep up with work, family, and household chores. How can you possibly find the time to spend hours keeping up with a high maintenance garden? Do not despair! We have a few very useful tips that will help you sow the beautiful garden you want, but minimize the amount of time you spend working on it's upkeep. Tip 1 - No More Tilling The amount of time wasted tilling your garden can be mind boggling. The "no-tilling" method is achieved...

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14 Apr 2014

Spring Lawn Care – What NOT To Do

There's a lot of information available on how to care for your lawn during the Spring season, but there are also things you should avoid doing as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a preconceived notion that certain activities should only be done during specific times of the year. Also, many people may have a tendency to over due particular tasks, and understanding that "less is more" can make a huge difference in your lawn's overall health. Only Rake in Fall As the weather grows colder and the beautiful NEPA foliage begins to turn to wintry shades of brown, having your rake handy is second nature for many homeowners. But don't just take to raking during the Fall. One of the best ways to care for your lawn in the Spring is to search out any dead and decaying foliage that may be remaining on your lawn and in...

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