Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care
16 Mar 2018

Sharpening and Maintaining Your Mower Blades

Don't let the colder weather fool you, spring is less than a week away, time to start dusting off all your lawn tools that have been hibernating for the winter. Your lawn mower will most certainly be in need of some seasonal maintenance. Spring is synonymous with cutting your grass. For those that may have neglected to sharpen the lawn mower blade while prepping the mower to be put to rest for the fall and winter months, then most certainly it is something you will need to do when you are getting it ready for the first mow. It is vital that every part of a push lawn mower be adequately maintained. Other than cleaning the carburetor and air filter when it is needed, also ridding old gas from the lawnmower’s tank, cleaning the undercarriage, and occasionally inspecting the fuel line, it is essential to keep blades sharpened. Manufacturers that...

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25 Mar 2013

Lackawanna County Lawn Care – 6 Lawn Mowing Tips

Lackawanna County Lawn Care - Mowing Perfection Have you ever seen those lawns in your neighborhood that look like they should be on the front cover of a magazine? Don’t you feel just a little bit of jealousy and how you can get your Lackawanna County lawn care working like that? Don’t worry – that feeling is normal. Part of the strategy to success lies in maintaining good Lackawanna County lawn care year-round. But, another part of your neighbor’s secret to success revolves around using specialized mowing techniques. Here are a few you can use to give your lawn that professional look: Use the right lawnmower – Assuming your lawn is large enough to require the use of a riding lawnmower, keep in mind you don't need the cheapest or most expensive lawnmower to give your lawn a professional look. Make sure the deck can cut 21 inches in diameter,...

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