White Pine Weevil Control

What is a White Pine Weevil The White Pine Weevil is considered the most destructive pest of eastern white pine in Northern Pennsylvania. This insect kills the terminal leader of Eastern White Pines. Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce, Scotch and Austrian Pines may also be attacked. The White Pine Weevil prefers to attack trees exposed to direct sunlight. The leader in the tree eventually dies and leaves what looks like a brown “shepherd’s crook” in the top of the tree. LIFE CYCLE Adults spend the winter in the leaf debris under or near the host trees. Once the weather warms, the insect flies or crawls to the leader of the host. Most feeding is done within 10 inches of the terminal buds. From mid-April through early May, females mate and each deposits 1-5 eggs in the feeding wounds. After hatching in about 7 days, the heavily infested terminal...

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