As the snow is starting to melt, signs of Spring are in the air. And like many gardeners, the first sight of thawed earth will surely raise your spirits and kick start your garden planning process. But before you begin sifting through your gardening books and strategizing this year’s blooms, there’s a lot of hard work ahead of you to get that garden of yours cleaned up and ready for planting.

As the muddy blanket of ice slowly begins to recede, you’re sure to find a lot more debris scattered around your lawn than you bargained for. Even though the March temperatures are incredibly unpredictable, there’s still a lot you can do to get a jump start on your clean up efforts.

Time to Prune

Go ahead and grab your clippers and pruning sheers. March is the perfect time to inspect your garden’s bushes and shrubs and prune back the damaged ends that have been affected by the freezing weather. You may consider researching the appropriate time to prune certain blooming plants, as it can be detrimental to prune some types of bloomers before their buds swell.

Plant Bed Clean Up

Go dig out your rake from the shed and start pulling out any dead foliage that may be lurking. Leaving old leaves laying around can keep new growth from sprouting and also create an area that is prone to disease. Once you’re sure that your garden won’t be seeing frost again until next season, it’s time to remove the old mulch as well. Cleaning it out now is a great way to prepare you beds for fresh mulch when the time is right.

Damaged Lawn Preparation

The winter weather can cause a variety of problems that will affect the health of your lawn. Be sure to inspect your lawn for any damage caused by diseases, salting, or passing plows, and work in a thin layer of compost to give your seeds a fertile bed in which to take root.
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