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Use Green Machine’s 15-Point Lawn Analysis to get your lawn looking healthy again.

Do you feel like your home’s lawn is a lost cause? For the professionals at Green Machine, it never is.

We usually don’t say renovation is necessary until 20-25% of the lawn is dominated by weeds or is completely bare. When that happens, we’ll perform our rigorous 15-point analysis to see what work needs to be done to restore a healthy look to your lawn.

Renovation involves a number of steps, including planting grass seed into an existing area of your lawn, and adding new variety of grass to increase your Pennsylvania lawn’s resistance to drought, shade, or wear.

Increase Your Happiness, Neighbor’s Opinions, and Curb Appeal

When it comes to the quality of your lawn, you simply can’t mess around. Coming home to a lawn that doesn’t look exactly as you want it has a negative effect on your mood. Your neighbors might also complain about how you take care of your lawn if it looks anything less than stellar. Finally, if you or your neighbors are trying to sell, a less-than-perfect lawn detracts significantly from your home’s value.

To sum it up: taking care of your lawn makes everything in life easier and all the people you know happier.

But, do you have the time available to help your lawn achieve a pristine look? Consider all of the various responsibilities you have in life and whether you really want to put in the hours necessary to keep your lawn healthy.


Green Machine Provides Lawn Renovation Services to Keep Yours Looking Healthy

When you can’t do it yourself, it makes sense to hire a professional. At Green Machine, we can perform Pennsylvania lawn renovation or virtually any other service you need to take care of your lawn. After you call us for your FREE estimate, we’ll conduct our 15-Point Lawn Analysis and discuss with you what needs to happen to your lawn to make it look green and healthy once again.