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beautiful lawn created with power seeding

Lawn care professional power seeding for a healthy lawn


Tips for Effective Power Seeding

To ensure the power seeding you have performed is as effective as possible, it’s important to take a couple of additional steps:

  • Keep the soil relatively moist for the first month after seeding. Immature roots dry out faster than mature grass. As the grass matures, watering can be reduced.
  • Your lawn should be mowed 1/3 higher than normal. You should have sharp mower blades and make sure the grass is dry so you don’t pull the grass out of the ground while cutting.

If you’re like most adults, you don’t have the time to work on your lawn and make it look great. That’s when it’s time to call the professionals at Green Machine.

Green Machine Helps You with all Your Lawn Care Needs

At Green Machine, our experienced lawn care professionals help you achieve the look you want for your lawn. In addition to power seeding, we provide a full array of lawn care services. Regardless of the problems you are facing with your Pennsylvania lawn, we can help you once again restore a healthy look.


Get Your Lawn Growing Faster & Healthier with Power Seeding

Don’t just spread the seed – shoot it deep into the soil.

When you use the typical seed spreader, the machine simply distributes the seed over the top of the ground. This does lead to more grass plants, but unfortunately, it’s not as effective as it could be.

A power seeder, on the other hand, cuts slits into the soil and drops the seeds ¼” to ½” down into the soil. The benefits of power seeding to your Pennsylvania lawn include:

  Increased turf density
  More difficult for weeds to grow
 Insects have a harder time infiltrating your lawn
  A healthier, more attractive look for your grass
  Increased germination rate (95%) compared to aeration and regular seeding (50 – 60%)

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our President, Carl Swinski, guarantees a great experience every time. If you’re not happy with something we do, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to do what’s necessary to make things right.