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small grubs removed with preventative grub control

preventative grub control lawn care

Left untreated, grubs cause thousands of dollars in damage to your lawn each year.

At Green Machine, we don’t want to see the look of your Pennsylvania lawn ruined by grubs, and we also don’t want you to experience the loss in value because of the damage they cause. That’s why we offer specialized grub control services and keep in mind, we can handle any insect problem your lawn encounters.

How Do Grubs Cause Damage?

White grubs are the larvae of a variety of species of adult beetles. These grubs can live anywhere from 1 to 7 years. The adult beetles lay their eggs in your lawn during June, and several weeks later, their grubs begin feeding, which causes direct damage to your lawn. The grubs directly feed on the roots of grass, eventually causing the grass to die.

In addition, predators who feed on grubs (moles, skunks, crows, and blackbirds) cause more damage to your lawn when hunting down their prey. One estimate notes the grubs of Japanese beetles alone cause $234 million in damage to lawns each year, and keep in mind this is just one of the many types of grubs present in your lawn.



How do You Control Grubs?

The best action to take is preventative before the grubs have a chance to start causing damage to your Pennsylvania lawn. By applying treatment in early summer – June or July – when grubs are highly vulnerable to insecticides, you give yourself the best shot of minimizing their presence throughout the rest of the year.

Signs of Infestation

Although grubs become prevalent in June and July, you typically don’t see the effects of their feeding until August and September. At that point, it’s very difficult to rid your lawn of this pest.

If your lawn has signs of thinning, yellowing, and weakening grass, along with scattered dead patches, you most likely have grub infestation problems. Left untreated, the dead patches continue to increase in size, and other areas of your lawn will begin to wilt. As you walk over the infested area, the turf may feel slightly spongy.

At Green Machine, we conduct a thorough 15-Point Analysis of your lawn. So, if you have any grub infestation problems, we’ll find them and create a plan for helping your lawn achieve an attractive green look.