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improve lawn health with soil conditioners

improve lawn health with soil conditioners


Help Your Lawn Get Its Health Back with our Rigorous 15-Point Lawn Analysis

At Green Machine, we take the health of your lawn very seriously. When you call us, we will send out one of our professionals to give you a free estimate. He or she will perform our 15- point lawn analysis, which helps you understand the current state of your Pennsylvania lawn, and the precise steps we will take to restore its healthy, green look once again.

Our President, Carl Swinski, guarantees an enjoyable experience every time you choose to work with us. If something doesn’t go quite right, get in touch with us and we will do what it takes to get things back on track once again.


Improve Your Lawn’s Health with Soil Conditioner

Get it growing for the first time or help its growth begin anew.

Have you ever had water standing on your lawn for an extended period of time? You know it destroys the quality of your grass, and you also worry about the compacted soil beneath the water. This is a common problem if you are having a new home constructed.

Or, the current health of your Pennsylvania lawn might be much worse than you believed. Fortunately, among many other techniques, you can use to improve your lawn’s health, you can also use soil conditioner. Soil conditioner provides a number of benefits for your lawn, including:


 Makes both water and oxygen more available to your grass, allowing them to grow

 Increasing drainage so damaging puddles don’t form

 Reducing the compaction of soil, allowing easier root growth

 Minimizes the chances and effects of erosion

 Makes soil easier to work

 Lessens equipment wear

 Increases soil’s drought and heat tolerance

 Promotes root growth

 Helps release nutrients from soil

As your lawn receives these benefits, it will once again regain its attractive green color. You know how rough that Pennsylvania weather gets – soil conditioner helps improve your lawn’s ability to cope with even the most difficult of weather conditions. Contact Green Machine now if you are ready to make your lawn the toughest, healthiest one in the neighborhood.