An amazing summer lawn starts with adequate lawn care in the Spring, and understanding ideal Monroe County lawn care can help ensure your lawn will be the envy of your neighbors.

During the winter, your soil can be greatly affected … the heavy snow will compact the earth, alter your ph levels, and even make your lawn vulnerable to disease and a wide variety of unwanted weed growth. As the weather warms and you watch your winter wonderland slowly melt away, you often discover the bald spots and areas of your yard that have been hit the hardest. Not to fear, however, there are many Monroe County Lawn Care techniques that will help bring your dull land back to life.

Monroe County Lawn Care Tips

One of the most important things you can do is to take care of any problems you find quickly … don’t put it off or your lawn could end up with more significant damage. Many people don’t realize that a yard that has dips and hills can sometimes cause drainage issues, making it more difficult to keep your yard uniform. Water often settles in the low areas, and sitting water can create the perfect place to culture lawn diseases. Doing it yourself or calling a professional to even your yard can help prevent sitting water, making your overall Monroe County lawn care much easier.

To Close for Comfort

Another huge problem for the average homeowner is when soil is too compact, particularly in places that are walked on frequently. Areas located near front doors, walkways, garages, or entryways can become thin or sometimes bare from the foot traffic. The tight soil can prevent grass from rooting properly, leaving these areas looking damaged. Try to loosen your soil or call a professional to use an aerator to help your soil.

Seeding and Regrowth

After you’ve evaluated your soil’s condition and made sure everything is prepared correctly, re-seeding the areas that have been left in need will help give you the lush lawn you want. If you’re unsure about the appropriate type of grass for your area, contact a professional for advice or to take care of this for you.

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